Lady Godwarrior | 'Jesus'

In semi-unrelated music news, let me present to you ‘Jesus’, a mashup that is so bad it’s brilliant. I would like to personally thank who ever decided to mash up Lady Gaga’s out space opera ‘Venus’ with the vocal stylings of Marguerite Perrin, aka the God Warrior from the hit television show Trading Spouses. If you’re unfamiliar with Marguerite’s poetic masterpiece, don’t fret, because you can watch her full monologue in all its glory here.


  • OK! magazine: Who are you watching on YouTube these days?
  • Tyler: Oh gosh. Well, I have always been a huge YouTube fanboy. Going to the conferences, I’m literally meeting my favorite people. I really love Mamrie Hart. I love Troye Sivan. Let me look. A lot of the British YouTubers I’m really into right now, like Zoella. I love her. Miranda Sings I think is brilliant. Grace Helbig is iconic. I am a huge fan of the entire community, so it’s hard to nail down just a few.